Pershing Square a LA downtown symbol by Legorreta and Hanna/Olin

Pershingh Square is the oldest  public park in downtown Los Angeles and  is definitely an example that gets brought up often, even if there are been five projects in its history and a garage under the square’s area is a further complication. All The Legorreta’s work featured the clean lines and spare forms of modern design but  it also incorporated elements of Mexican vernacular architecture including thick  walls, hidden courtyards and bold color.  He brought his  architectural aesthetic  to downtown Los Angeles with a controversial 1993 redesign of Pershing Square. The few pedestrians in downtown L.A. are attracted to the square through a peculiar surface that resembles an earthquake faultline, designed by Barbara McCarren (The Earthquake Line Fault) and especially because of the presence of three coloured buildings. The purple one houses a  police’s station and the yellow ones a cafeteria.

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