Gabriele Basilico – City photographer

Basilico is one of the best-known Italian photographers and, over the years, he has worked in various cities: Milan, Beirut, Bolzano, and Berlin among others. The shows and books by Gabriele Basilico are always an important meditation on landscape photography. His interest goes far beyond mere documentary photography and is, in fact, a necessary reference point for those occupied today with photography and town planning. 
In a recent interview Basilico has said, “Obviously I take photographs with regard both to the principle and to the aesthetic experience of ‘vision’. In this sense I am wholly a photographer. But it is also true that photography, and not just as a language, has been part of the world of art for some time for which it has full credentials. I am, though, convinced that it is over-simplifying to say that photography is fully a part of the great sea of art research: it is one thing to use photography as a language in order to communicate a work conceived in another way (an installation, for example) but it is something different to interpret reality by considering it ‘photographically’”

All the pictures are of Gabriele Basilico

2._GR-Gabriele_Basilico,_Beirut_13,_2003                                                                                                                                                         BEIRUT

GabrieleBasilico05                                                                                                                         SAN FRANCISCO



1256215356139_mosca-verticale---mgu                                                                                                                                MOSCA

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