Alexandra Cafe

Alexandra bookstore in Andrassy  is one of my favourite places in Budapest. I like to go to the last floor to enjoy a coffee, listening some live piano music and all for quite cheap prices. All the ceiling is covered by frescos, it seems to be so far from the city noise, in a private dimension. Moreover, there is an Art gallery with amazing 30′ and art deco pieces, just in the same floor. Also if often I don’t buy any book , it’ s an experience.


There is a building at Andrássy Ut in Budapest where it used to work a department store called Párizs (Paris). Nowadays, you will find an Alexandra Bookstore there, one of the biggest book sellers in Hungary together with Libri. So far so good, an ordinary book store as any other in town, but what is unexpected stands on the second floor: the Bookcafe!


The whole building and its interior are fine examples of Art Nouveau or Art Szecesziós as the Hungarians call it.  As it was representative in Paris and other cities in Europe, this style was widely used in Hungary during the century XVIII and IXX. If you would like to know more about it, visit: .

Beautifully decorated with frescos painted on the walls and ceiling by Károly Lotz, the confectionery doesn’t fit to this Art Nouveau block. The Bookcafe is more a renaissance-style and you feel…

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