Crash, loneliness in Los Angeles


Cities are life’s crossroads,in  every place you go you can meet someone  or catch some special images, discovering new details. If you go out just for a walk you will never know what could happen. Because of this  I prefer walking, the only good way to explore a city. Walking is like loosing yourself , you don’t have to think about anything, just a step by step. Moreover, observing a city by a pedestrian point of view is fundamental for an architect, because it makes possible to understand the connections,  the barriers  or the social  interactions between private and public spaces. For this reason I found interesting watching the 2004 movie Crash by Paul Haggis, because all the story starts from a car accident and the lives of all the characters are involved with cars. It’s a story of racism, prejudices, loneliness, redemption and an amazing metaphor of  the contemporary metropolis, where it’s so easy to be alone in the crowd.

“In a real city you walk. Touches the other passers-by, you hit people … Here in Los Angeles there is no physical contact with anyone, we are all behind glass and metal. We miss  contact so much that we crash against others just to feel its presence. ‘

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