The Wrinkles Of The City by JR

 JR is a french street artist, for him “the city is the largest art gallery in the world.” He usually flyposts large black and white  images on building’s facades, paying attention to the specific city. Here some pics of Los Angeles and some inspiring extracts from his documentary “The wrinkles of the city”.

The you tube link is

“This is a city where everything is about image,” JR tells LA Weekly,
“Where people have Botox and fight against aging, I can bring big wrinkles and hang them on the buildings of the city — in contrast to the big advertisements. Los Angeles’ definition of beauty is being transformed by these people this week.”

“It’s probable the hardest city in the world to live in, but it’s the hardest city in the world to leave too “

“Many people come here when there is no place else to go”

“In this city of images and superficiality, we don’t really honor that underneath at all every single one of us has a story to tell”

“People want to try to put you in a box, in a label and I just think there is so many shades of grey “

“We don’t see the world as it is , we see the world as we are”

“Don’t discount people with the Botox and the puffed up lips, the boob jobs and so, because they’re just survivors too, trying “

jrlosangeles4                                                       Venice Boulevard
jrlosangeles12                                                       Downtown Los Angeles
jrlosangeles6                                                       Downtown Los Angeles

jrlosangeles7                                                       Los Angeles

For more pics see JR website

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