Centre Point tower : an iconic building of London

One of the most iconic towers in London, Centre Point stands in the centre of the West End, looking over Oxford Street and Charing Cross Rd junction. The building stands 117m tall, accommodating 35 floors of office space, with its distinctive concrete pattern making it an instantly recognisable London landmark. Work started on the tower in 1962, to a design submitted by Richard Robin Seifert & Partners (who went on to build the 43-story Tower 42 in 1980). The building was constructed using prefabricated precast-concrete, H-shaped units lifted into position by an internally sited crane designed to rise in height with the building. The units were bolted to each other and to the concrete floor to become the load-bearing façade of the building. Loads were also designed to be carried by two pairs of precast-concrete columns in the centre of the building. Centre Point was completed in 1964, offering 180,000 square feet of office space.  Developers have announced plans for Centre Point skyscraper, with a proposal to transform the office building and public realm into a new residential use tower with retail, restaurants and a major public space at its base.

extract from http://www.urban75.org/london/centrepoint.html

more info about the new plans for the Centre Point Tower here http://www.urban75.org/blog/centre-point-redevelopment-plans-announced-luxury-penthouse-ahoy/



Centre Point



One thought on “Centre Point tower : an iconic building of London

  1. Some people have compared Centre Point to the Eiffel Tower.. because of William Morris’ famous comment that he liked to spend time on it because it was the only place in Paris from where his view wasn’t ruined by it.

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